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The new way of learning.

We live in a time where we consume as much as possible. Not only materialistic things, but knowledge as well. I've learned that I'm much happier with less. The key is the 80/20 rule. Fact is about 80% of what we own is actually useless or hardly used! 

 • We don't ware at least 80% of our close that are in our closet
 • We don't nearly use 80% of words in the english language
 • We don't use 80% of plugins that are in our DAW programs
 • 80% of the time we don't spent our time & money wisely 

Why not focus on the 20% that will get us 80% outcome? Why not invest your time, energy and money in the 20% that will actually make a difference? 

What makes this way of learning so powerful?

Safe Time

If you're anything like me you love to learn and grow. Which makes you consume a lot of content such in books, online courses, podcasts and YouTube videos. Most of the time you'd waste a lot of time to gain a little bit of knowledge that was actually helpful. 
I've read hundreds of boos, but only a handful have actually changed my life.
What if I could show you those five books?

Safe Money

Don't even get me started on money. Even though YouTube videos and podcasts are free, I've bought countless online courses ranging from 5$ up to 3.000$. I know what online courses are worth your money and which ones aren't! Just because an online course is expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's great content! 
What if I could show you the courses that are really worth their money?

Do More Of What You Love

Now that you're saving time & money you have more freedom to do what you love or invest it back into the things that are really important. It will surprise you how much you can actually get done when you're not waisting your time trying to figure things out anymore. I know, as musicians we kinda need to know everything. From audio, to video to marketing to promoting to networking and so much more! And that can be very overwhelming... But not anymore. Everything you need is in this members area. 

Have Guidance 

You don't need more stuff, you need less! You don't need me to give you a new online course that's slightly different from the other 10 you've already bought. You don't need me to write another book to show you what I think about the music industry. All you need is someone that's already done all the work for you and then shows you what's really worth your time! Someone that will guide you through the principals.
What You're Going To Find Inside This Members Area...
If you're familiar with the 80/20 rule you know that 20% of what you do brings in 80% of results, success, money, etc... But what are those 20%? I spent sooo much money, time, energy and nerves on figuring this out. The result was that 80% of what I bought, listened to or read was basically a waist of time. Now I know what the 20% are that actually get me results! 
Good news is that you can go straight to the 20% when you join the members area and don't have to go through the struggle of figuring it out the hard way:
  • You get all my best recommendations - I read a bunch of books, listen to a lot of podcasts and buy online courses ranging from $1 to $3,000 but are all of them worth your time? No! You'll get my top recommendations on all categories (mental health, mindset, songwriting, production, marketing...) and also WHY I recommend them.
  • Ever growing members area - Tony Robbins says "Your growth is the only limit to your happiness". That's why I want to constantly be growing as a person & musician. As a natural result so will this members area and therefore you will too. So keep checking in on it.
  • Learn from other independent artists - Studying "Popular Music Performance" I'm for sure a great musicians to learn from. But I'll also give you the chance to learn from other singer/songwriters and producers (from the Musicians Secrets Podcast) that are going through the same thing as you. We're all in this together. We rise by lifting others. I know that one hour can be a bit long to sit through, that's why you get to have the best "Podcast Nuggets" (2 - 10 min) in the members area. 
  • Up to 30% discounts on my online courses - By subscribing to this members area, you also become part of our community of musicians just like you. That's why I call you Ohana/Family. That's why you'll get a family discount of up to 30% on all my online courses when you join! 
  • ​And much more!
About Your Presenter
I'm a singer/songwriter born on Hawaii and raised in Germany. I studied "Popular Music Performance" in England and now have my own Podcast called "The Musicians Secrets Podcast" where I interview other independent singer/songwriter & producers just like you and me. I belief that when we lift each other we rise together. That's why this podcast is from musicians for musicians to help each other out.
The more I talk to other musicians I realised that I wasn't the only one struggling with certain problems. My "unique" problems didn't seem so unique anymore and that was good news. That means that what ever you're struggling with, others are too, and that's why I crated this members area. 
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By talking with a lot of different musicians I noticed we were all struggling with something similar, including myself. And it's marketing. Yes we hate talking about it and most of the time no one really knows how to do it, but fact is we need it!!! BAD!!!
Kris Bradley said "If you gave the performance of your life time, but no one was in the audience to hear it, wouldn't that be disappointing?" Marketing is getting the buts in the seat, so wouldn't you say it's at least just as important or even more important than the performance. Let's face it, no one want's to play in an empty room... 

So let's change that right here and now.
Are you also bored of all the same 20 songs that are played on the radio? Alright, the song was good the first 10 times I've heard it, now it's just getting annoying! This is the reason why I rarely listen to the radio. Through my podcast the "Musicians Secrets Podcast" I have the honour and privilege to talk to a lot of indie artists that have amazing music out. Because I had a lot of people asking me to have all their music in one place I created the "Musicians Secrets Playlist" to insure new songs you've definitely never heard before that will rock your world! The great thing is, while you're listening to the playlist you also get to support indie artists just like you. It's a win/win. 

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